Choosing the right MeterBox

The first thing to remember is that electricity and gas can kill so approach the box with care; looking for loose wires or broken gas connections. If either of these instances is present you need to contact the utility company not your energy supplier.

How to measure your meter box?

How to measure a Meter Box

In order for us to determine what MeterBox repair kit is needed for your existing GRP frame; we need to establish the height, width and depth of the EXISTING PLASTIC GRP FRAME OR BACKPLATE THAT IS IN PLACE.

NOTE: When measuring the existing box please ensure you are measuring the external frame rather than the door aperture.

Identifying the appropriate meter box

Now you have the dimensions; there are some questions you need to consider when purchasing the appropriate door and frame assembly from MeterBox:

  1. Is the box for electricity or gas?
  2. Is the box built in? i.e. a small amount of box is on show
  3. Is the box surface mounted? i.e. all the box is visible.
  4. Or is the box built into ground?
  5. For any additional queries or guidance please call 01453 827661.

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