Frequently Asked Questions

Do MeterBox fit the new cover?
MeterBox do not usually fit the cover, we will however provide guidance over the telephone if needed.
How do I identify my meter box?
The best way to identify your meter box is by the dimensions. In most case we can advise you from the dimensions, however for the odd sized box a simple photograph along with dimensions will usually be enough.
The damage to my meter box is on the door can I just get a new door?
MeterBox only supply replacement door and frame assemblies manufactured in steel to provide a longer service life
My door is ok but it keeps falling off. The problem is where the hinges fit in the box.
This is the usual place for damage to the box. Unfortunately the only solutions open to you are
  1. Replace the existing box. This is very expensive or
  2. Fit a new MeterBox replacement door and frame assembly at a fraction of the cost.
My door is still on the box but won’t stay shut
This is a common problem which has two solutions:
  1. Try and source a new lock assembly for the plastic door or
  2. Obtain a new door and frame assembly from MeterBox obviously you will need to remove the plastic door to fit the new unit.
My meter box has already been repaired with a metal frame yet the door has come off?
This problem will grow as metal doors are not vandal proof. In this situation you will need to remove the existing metal frame and measure the plastic box underneath then place your order with MeterBox.
My house has a coloured finish. Can the meter box be painted to match?
The metal MeterBox cover is powder coated in white as standard, however depending on the colour you want we may be able to repaint it to match at a cost. Alternatively you could paint it yourself at the time of installation.
My box is broken in the wall can I use the MeterBox solution?
This will depend if the box is for electricity or gas. If it is electricity then you may repair the box before fitting the new MeterBox cover. However if the box is for gas then you will need to consult the local gas supplier as any repair must comply with the gas companies safety regulations.
Can I buy direct or must I use an authorised stockist?
MeterBox will supply directly to both trade and public. We accept payment by Cheque, Credit or Debit card from most card providers and if you live with easy travel of Stonehouse you can call in to collect and pay in cash by appointment.
How long will my new MeterBox take to arrive?
Several factors may affect delivery, however we endeavour to despatch orders on the day we receive them or the first working day afterwards. The new MeterBox should then arrive within 48 hours. A common factor that may delay it is a heavy run on stock so a short time may elapse whilst stocks are replenished.
Will I have to pay for carriage?
Carriage is charged on all goods leaving our facility by carrier up to the value of £100.00 + vat